When you need to replace the tyres on your car or motorcycle it can feel like a drain on your finances.  We recommend tyresandmot who are guaranteed to be the cheapest in your local area.

Tyres and MOT Centre

Vehicles need maintenance, MOT’s, Tyres and general upkeep to ensure you stay on the road.  It is great when you can jump in the car and get from A to B fairly quickly, but we all feel it when the vehicle is off the road and we need to use either public transport or a taxi.

The company we recommend offer:

  • Car Checks
  • Tyre Balancing
  • Tyre Fitting
  • New or Part-Worn Tyres
  • MOT Centre
  • Accident Repairs

Most of the Tyre centres offer free WI-FI so you can be productive while you wait for your Car or Bike to get repaired, new tyres fitted or just a check.  Their prices are great and the staff are helpful also and are experts in advising on the legal aspects of your tyres.