Cheap MOT

If your car is 3 years old, you need to get an MOT done every year.  If you are looking for a cheap MOT we recommend you go to the company we have linked to on the home page of this blog.  You must ensure your MOT centre is approved and you get a correct certificate, if you go to some back-street garage and they are not doing their job correctly, you could get in trouble with the police.

Book a Cheap MOT

It is a known fact that some things you will fail on at MOT stage are basic, things like lights, brakes, screen wipers etc.  It is a good idea to get someone to walk around the car or bike, when you are pressing the brake pedal to make sure the lights work.  If you do some simple checks ongoing, you can save yourself some money when it comes to getting the cheap MOT done.

If you forget things like this normally, put a reminder in your diary or PC diary.  If you get stopped and you don’t have an MOT on your car, you could get points on your license.

A cheap MOT is worth its weight in gold, you want to have a garage you feel confident going to, one that will give you a reasonable quote if something is wrong.  VAT is always added on in garages, so you are best to do the maintenance on your car monthly or bi-monthly to try and save yourself time and money at the cheap MOT stage.

The company we recommend are good, they are reliable and have always offered good prices to myself and friends that we recommend.  If we don’t understand something they will explain it and another tip is make sure you know how long new parts are under warranty for.