Cheap Tyres

Everyone wants a good deal on tyres, but make sure you don’t buy a terrible tyre just to save a few pounds. If your tyres are not right for the car they can make your back-end swerve and that isn’t good especially if its raining or you are driving at speed.

Cheap Tyres – All Brands

Tyres will last if you buy good quality ones, so long-term it will be better for you if you buy a good name, at a good price.  The company we recommend (link on home page) offers great prices for the tyres they sell.

You won’t get a better tyre for a better price, we recommend you at least phone and ask them for a cost, if nothing else, you will have a price to compare others to.

Tyre brands can include:

  • GoodYear
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Avon Tyres
  • and many more……

When you call a garage for a cost, ask if they have the tyre in stock and how quickly they could fit it for you.  Most people only want cheap tyres if they have a flat, or have been in an accident.  Then its an emergency and they need it NOW.  Some garages can be flexible about when they can fit you in, but we all want to be seen immediately if we have a flat tyre.  Consider RAC or AA cover so you can get the car to the garage.

For cheap tyres, we recommend the company linked to the home page of this blog.  Give them a call and they will give you their best prices for tyres and other services i.e. Car MOT, Tyre Balancing, Motor Oil and Tyre checks etc.

You need to be safe on the road so you can confidently travel from A to B safely.  Remember if its raining to drive slower and keep in mind if you have cheap tyres and the tread is worn on them.  Better to be safe.