Every car over a certain age needs to get an MOT to ensure its road-worthy and safe for you to drive.  This applies to Motorcycles also.

When the car is booked in for the MOT, you will get a completion certificate after inspection.  They will tell you if the car is fit to drive, or if it needs work done (small or large) to pass the MOT.  Most garages give you a quote and then you can decide if it’s worthwhile to get the work done.  Most times, you just want to be back on the road, so you will agree but be mindful that you can also phone around for quotes.

Here is an example of things that are covered in the MOT:

  • Seat Belts
  • Lighting – front and rear
  • Exhaust and Fumes
  • Driver Visibility
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Tyres

It is illegal to drive a car with no MOT on it, if the police stop you then you could get into trouble even get points on your license.  A lot of faults in the MOT centre is basic faults, we recommend you try and diarise to do some maintenance.  You can save yourself time and money if you just keep on top of things, oil, water, check lights etc.  Imagine if your rear brake lights weren’t working and someone ran into the back of your vehicle, they would say you were at fault, you would consider they were at fault, so it gets a bit messy.

If you look after your car, the vehicle will last longer.  Call the MOT via the link on the home page of this blog and ask them the cost for the MOT and what their availability is.  They should book you in fairly quickly and then you can rest easy knowing your car is legally covered for driving.